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The Voice and SSM

The Prime Minister has likened constitutional change for a race-based Voice to the 2017 change to the Marriage Act. He is right to draw the comparison but not for the reasons he does. Anthony Albanese asserts there were no consequences to de-gendering marriage and similarly there will be no consequences to changing the nation’s rule book based on race. The last time we had a Yes campaign, at the 2017 marriage plebiscite, Yes told us no one else’s rights would be affected. Yes, PM - the Voice and same-sex marriage are similar but not for the reasons you say Sound familiar?

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What does the Uluru statement at the heart of the Voice mean?

Australians are being asked to change the nation’s constitution on October 14. We are told that to achieve reconciliation with indigenous people, a special race-based advisory committee to the Parliament and executive must be cemented in the constitution. There are myriad well-funded indigenous bodies advising government so it’s not clear why a new one is needed and why it must be permanent, regardless of its performance.

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