What is Christians for Equality?

Later this year Australians will be asked to change the Constitution. It’s a big deal and as Christians we have a responsibility to take this proposed change seriously.

I believe our country is at its strongest when we’re united, solving problems together. But the Voice threatens to undermine our unity by dividing us based on ancestry and race.

We have all been made in the image and likeness of God – it is this that unites us, not skin colour.

Christianity, through Paul of Tarsus, introduced what was to the ancient world a very radical idea – that people were equal regardless of race:


What is the Voice to Parliament?

Australians are being asked to change the Constitution to insert a new chapter which establishes an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament.

The Voice is a new body that sits outside the courts and the Parliament and is selected based on ancestry.

It will have the right to advise the Parliament and Executive Government on matters that affect Indigenous Australians. That means everything.

We don’t know what the Voice will look like in detail because the Government has not told us. What we do know is only some Australians – based on ancestry and race – will get an extra Voice above and beyond their vote.

And once it’s in the Constitution – it’s there forever.

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