Why vote Yes?

Did you know? 54% of Christians support marriage equality [source]

There are many good reasons why followers of Jesus can and should vote YES for marriage equality. Here are just 6 of them.

Chris_Bedding_marriage_equality_meme.pngVote YES because every person is a child of God, loved by God, and Christians are called to demonstrate that love without discrimination.

Vote YES because Jesus called people to share and live out the love of God so that all people and the planet will flourish. Throughout history, LGBTIQ people have not been allowed to flourish, and in many countries this is still the case. Voting yes will be an important sign that as Christians in Australia we stand with LGBTIQ people and their families. They matter to us.

Vote YES because marriage is important in our society. Marriage matters because it is one of the most important ways we acknowledge the goodness of a couple’s love for and commitment to each other. There is no difference in goodness between the love and commitment of a straight couple and a same-sex couple.

Vote YES because families matter. Every family deserves and needs to be valued and supported in our society for the benefit of us all.


Vote YES because the biblical message supports a positive response. Our growing understanding of the Bible is helping us to better appreciate what the ancient biblical writers were concerned about when they touched on issues of sexuality. It was not what we understand today. Also, there are many different kinds of families portrayed in the biblical stories. Regardless of the kind of family, it was people’s faithfulness and obedience in worship and in seeking justice that mattered to God.

Vote YES because it is loving and Christ-like to participate in bringing love, justice and hope to people who have been marginalised and excluded by society and by the church; to delight in the joy of family and friends witnessing and supporting the solemn vows of two people who love each other and commit to a life together; and to recognise the blessing of God in the wonderful diversity of creation.

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