Prayers for the Postal Survey

Prayers for the Postal Survey: At the time of writing, I am companioning people who are struggling with hurt, shame, violence and judgment. It is a terrible time for many people, as the worst in many has been revealed. At such a time, I believe we are called to pray. Not a little, and not just for ourselves.

Rev Amelia Koh-Butler
Executive Officer, Mission Resourcing at Presbytery-Synod of the Uniting Church in South Australia
September 2017

1. Words for the Post

Word of Life,
You challenge us to use our words to create or destroy,
to bring life-hope or experiences of death to others.
May we treasure the sharing of one little word...
So small, yet carrying such great meaning.

Word of Life,
You gave your life that others may live.
We praise and thank you that you sacrificed relationship
so that we might discover holy, lifelong, committed relationships.

Word of Life,
You set up the Bridegroom image
and Your Spirit allows us all to be Bride.
We thank you that you invite us all,
(no matter our orientations nor our sense of identity),
to claim a seat at your table
and dwell in your holy household.
Thanks be to God!

2. For Posties

God of Angels,
Let my postie be an angel today.
Fill her/his post bag with affirmations.
Make our world a brighter place.
After the rain of tears and threatening thunder
let us see the rainbows fill the sky.
May my postie not get caught in weather,
But let her/him carry hope of Heaven.

3. For Our Union

I thank you, Holy One,
For my Beloved.
I thank you, Holy Other,
For the blessing you have bestowed on us.
I thank you, Creator,
That you generate life in our relationship.
May others come to know your love in our witness.

4. For those who are Confused

We pray especially for those who are confused or confounded.
We pray for those who do not know how to behave well or find their reference.
We pray for Wisdom to touch people's hearts and souls.
We pray for clarity of thinking, of speech and of your mercy.
We pray your blessing on those who are struggling most.
Come - Holy Spirit - Come!

5. For the Haters

God - I do not know how to forgive the Haters.
I feel the Hate rise up in response
and I confess I feel like I am losing my capacity to love.
So, I ask you to help me forgive.
Help me not to be so bound up in the words and actions of Haters.
Help me to be liberated of the obstacles that prevent your grace to flow.
Help me to love - even if it is just a little.
Forgive me, God, so I may learn to forgive others.

6. For Anxious Couples 

Healing God,
who hears the cries of those who long for justice,
Grant our friends peace.
We long to share joy with one another,
but right now, merciful God,
we ask for comfort and hope.
We ask you to grant rest to those who struggle to sleep.
We ask for calmness when provoked.
We ask for signs of encouragement,
that the days may be filled with possibility rather than fear.
God rest upon our friends.

7. Prayer for Society

God, who created us
to be in loving and nurturing families,
Hear my prayer.
I want to play my part
in my city, in my country, in my world...
Then I remember, I want to play my part
as your person in your places.
Guide me, as I make your love and forgiveness known,
in thought and word and deed.
Teach me to be a blessing to others,
Rather than an obstacle to your grace.
When I see someone unlike me,
may I not cross to the other side.
When I see lovers who could be friends,
may I greet them with an encouraging word.
When I am tempted to criticize or correct,
let me be aware of what is blurring my vision.

Trinity God,
who lives in the strangest relationship I've every heard of,
Bless us all with life-giving relationships.

8. Prayer for Neighbours

As I enjoy my home and family,
I bring my neighbours to mind.

I pray for my neighbours.
I pray for their families.
I pray for their workplaces, schools and clubs.

I pray that we may form respectful community
even when we have different ideas and values.
I pray that we may keep an eye out for one another
and that we take care of one another, as need arises.

I pray that I may learn to love my neighbour as myself.

9. A Rainbow Prayer 

- O Spirit of God, Holy and breathing,
Course through our Land as bloodlife to all.

- May we reflect your light in our lives,
Offering warmth to all whom we meet.

- May our songs rise to you like an offering of fine gold.
May our voices mingle in harmony with all creation.

- For you are the Creator of all good things.
You didn't make mistakes, but call all of us to reflect your divinity.

- Make us mindful of those who suffer
and who do not experience your blessings.
Bring healing and peace, that all may have Hope.

- Beyond the blue, may we claim our new identity:
Beloved of God, may we see in one another
The faces of the Children of God.

This article was originally posted on Amelia's blog.