More Prayers for the Postal Survey

Prayers written for the postal survey. A prayer for respectful conversations, A litany for protection and blessing, A prayer for justice everywhere, A prayer of repentance


September 2017


A prayer for respectful conversations

Lord Jesus Christ,
as we get ready to vote our hopeful ‘yes’
for same-sex marriage in Australian law,
guard us from tagging
every ‘no’ as simply hateful,
or every ‘don’t know’ as merely lazy.
Lead us into conversations
where humility deeply listens
and where wisdom gently speaks.
Since love is what we say we want to honour
in faithful same-sex couples,
let our love, in the course of this debate,
be as extravagantly all-embracing
and as patient as your own. Amen.


A litany for protection and blessing

Holy God,

give your strong protection
to people who face cruel words, violent actions
or painful rejection
because they are lesbian or gay,
bisexual or transgender,
intersex or queer.

Let your grace within us
and your power around us
keep us safe in body, mind and spirit.


Give your constant faithfulness to same-sex Christian couples,
as we wait not only for governments
but also for faith communities
to recognise the gifts in these relationships
and the blessings they bring to us all.

Let your grace within us 
and your power around us
shine for everyone to see.


Give your steadfast compassion 
to the friends and the families,
the partners and the allies of LGBTIQ people.

Let your grace within us 
and your power around us
weave our many relationships together
into a strong and lasting fabric of care.


Give your enduring blessing 
to the people who share in the marriages we already honour,
and whose families we already recognise.

Let your grace within us 
and your power around us 
bring the support and accountability that we need 
for the commitments we have made.

Give your own intimate companionship 
to single people 
of every age and stage and state of life,
whatever our sexual identity may be.

Let your grace within us 
and your power around us
make us fruitful in our solitude
and treasured in our communities.

Give your clear wisdom
to the members of Parliament
who will frame laws based on the outcome of this survey.
Renew our political life and language.

Let your grace among us
and your power around us
guide us to work together
for the common good.


Holy God, hear our prayers,
and answer us
with your call to costly love
and your promise of eternal faithfulness,
through our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen.


A prayer for justice everywhere

Holy God,
stir up in all the advocates for same-sex marriage
such a hunger and thirst for justice
that when this campaign is over,
and this longed-for equality is established,
we may not sink back into complacency
or self-congratulation.
Instead, give us new energy
to use the allies we are discovering 
and the skills we are learning
to confront every injustice that still scars our community.
Keep us awake and active and working to change
   the dispossession and discounting of Australia’s First Peoples,
   the suffering of asylum seekers and refugees,
   the refusal to listen to the voices of the poor,
   the damage we are doing to the earth you have created.
Do not let us rest 
until your will is done
on earth as it is in heaven,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


A prayer of repentance

Holy God,
we pray for the same-sex-attracted people
in our families and churches,
in Australia and beyond,
who will hear in the voices and the votes of the coming weeks
not only respect and affirmation,
but also the refusal to recognise the graces,
human and divine,
in their faithful and committed relationships.
Forgive us for the times when we,
who have strong voices and firm convictions,
fail to listen with humility.
Forgive us for the times when our words wound,
even when our intention is not to cause pain.
In spite of the clumsiness of our efforts to do your will,
work your wonders of all who long for acceptance,
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


From Pastor Phil Stevenson in Perth:

Heavenly Father I ask you today to help me love others as you have loved me.
I am so prone to speaking and reacting out of fear. 
But I hear that perfect love drives out fear.
So Holy Spirit will you breathe on me and fill me with the love of Jesus. 
That I might delight in your will and walk in your ways. 
To the glory of your name.

 From Bishop Jeremy Greaves:

Abiding God, 
you care for your children like a mother hen shelters her chicks.
We hold in your presence your little ones:
young people who feel marginalised because of their sexuality,
those who feel judged and persecuted,
those who feel alone 
and those who have been hurt by ignorance and intolerance.
Surround them with your healing love, give them hope, 
and the courage to stand with pride and say, “I am…”
We ask these things in your name O God,
whose rainbow is a sign of your promise to love, 
to care for and to protect your creation and all your people.




These prayers were written for Australian Christians for Marriage Equality by Rev. Chris Bedding.