Robyn Parry Baptist I am supporting Marriage equality not despite my faith but precisely because of it ! My understanding of how Jesus teaches us to live asks that I treat others with compassion,justice & love Kathy Haseldine Christian I support same sex marriage because I want the Australia I live in to love embrace and treat EVERY Australian with dignity and equity. At a time when we are being forced to vote on the lives of other Australians, being forced to publicly debate an issue which really has absolutely nothing to do with any of us. I support a united Australia Teale Drake Anglican I’m gay, and don’t believe my god would condemn me for I was made by him. Ximena Alvarez-Mendez Catholic Because it is a civil and human right that should not be denied Jill Kane Catholic Marriage is a legal agreent as well as a Sacrament of the Chirch and must be available to all people I have a gay son who should be permitted to marry as his brothers and sisters and his parents have. Shirley Barbuto Uniting Church It truly breaks my heart to witness the suffering and pain inflicted on my Christian brothers and sisters because of their sexual orientation. Much of the prejudice and judgement stems from many who profess to be followers of The Way . Surely Jesus weeps at such broad inequality and exclusion. Rosita D'Adamo Catholic Love is love. Keith Foote Anglican Love is universal and is to be shared by all no matter what their sexual orientation. Andy McCarthy Pentecostal Because I abhore discrimination in all its forms. David Llewelyn Anglican God is love. God gives us the ability to love. Never in all my years as a Christian have I ever believed in denying love to anyone let alone denying others of their love. When my grandson came out to me he was worried that I would not accept him. Although it was a little difficult in the beginning I learned that God was testing and teaching me through my grandson. I could not be anymore proud of his strength to live openly as a gay young man despite those who speak harshly of his sexuality. When it came time I ticked the YES box with love and compassion in my heart. My hope is that I live long enough to be able to watch my grandson marry a man that will love & care for him as much as my wife & I do. Arty Statiras Orthodox Grant Virtue Catholic Because all Australians should be treated equally under the law. Megan Jackson Uniting Church I support marriage equality because Jesus commanded me to love my neighbour, and because secular marriage law shouldn’t discriminate against consenting adults. Judith Covell Christian Stuarte Kerdel Christian It is Christ like Anthony Aulsebrook Catholic Because everyone has a right to love and be loved. There is too much hate in this world. Hazel Hogarth Uniting Church Why would I try to stop part of our community from committing to a loving relationship? Everyone deserves the opportunity for a deep and growing relationship and committing to each other forms a see-able bond. Elizabeth Maddox Uniting Church I support marriage equality because I believe that where there is love and charity, God is present: “Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est.” Vee Lyon Dalberg Acton Anglican Brian Chambers Seventh-day Adventist NO NO . Leviticus 20:13King James Version (KJV) 13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Amy Clark Anglican I support love because I don’t think God would vote ‘no’. My God wouldn’t exclude others, my God is all loving and that’s what I love about him. I believe voting ‘yes’ speaks to the core of what Christianity truly is about and what God teaches us. Let love be love and let God be the judge. ❤️❤️ Kate Bone Christian I’m a Quaker, why don’t you have that on your list of denominations?! Why do I support equal marriage? It’s pretty basic, really; love is what matters most in this world. We all have the capacity to love; why shouldn’t we all have the opportunity to declare it and share it openly? Amy Field Church of Christ David Furniss Baptist Christians represent Jesus today, and I am certain that he would be marching for marriage equality with his arms around our LGBTI community! If you look at the Bible through a culturally sensitive lens then you see that the verses often quoted are not anti-homosexuality, but anti-abuse of power. Christ is about inclusion, not division.

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We are a movement of Australian Christians saying Yes to Love. 

We come from all over Australia and from every part of Christ's church, united in supporting marriage equality because of our faith. 

Christians are called to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ to all people, without discrimination. 

As Australians of faith we believe marriage is important. Marriage matters because it is one of the most powerful ways we acknowledge the goodness of a couple's love for and commitment to each other. We believe there is no difference in goodness between the love and commitment of a straight couple and a same-sex couple.

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I'm a Baptist minister and I'll be voting 'yes'

I am a Christian, a person deeply formed by the Church and its gospel. Even more, I am a Baptist minister. For the past thirty-five years I have given my life to understanding, living and proclaiming the message of Jesus. It is because of this, not in spite of it, that I’ll be voting ‘yes’ in the upcoming plebiscite on same-sex marriage.

Why I changed my mind on marriage equality

Once I would have appealed to the Bible and argued theologically about God's creation to claim marriage could only ever be between a man and a woman. So what changed my mind?

Marriage equality would be a victory for ordinary Christians

It's time for federal parliamentarians to listen to Christians who want their gay, lesbian and transgender friends, family, and fellow parishioners to be treated equally by the law. It's time for the reasoned, compassionate Christian majority to be heard and the fear mongering to be challenged.